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The History of Zeta Potential & Science-backed Evidence

Dr. McDaniel learned of Thomas M. Riddick, an Engineer and Industrial Chemist, who is credited with doing the first major study in the 1950's of how Zeta Potential controls the chemical process in our bodies. Using this science, we can reverse and correct many "Blood Plasma Problems".

Thomas Riddick worked with Public Waterworks and Waste Treatment plants where the science and application of Zeta Potential was an everyday occurrence. The more he worked with industrial systems and blood from the local hospital he began to believe that blood stability seemed to follow all the rules of colloid stability (Zeta Potential). Along with that he was developing a belief that the great majority of serious cardiovascular disease is a result of coagulation of the blood.

Mr. Riddick began with the scientific assumption that since cationic elements aggregate your blood (lowering Zeta Potential) and anionic elements have the influence of keeping the blood dispersed (increasing Zeta Potential), why not use anionic elements to facilitate a higher Zeta Potential.

  • Increase Your Zeta Potential

    Drink Zeta Aid water 30 minutes before every meal to increase the Zeta Potential of the body's fluid system.

    Zestful Wellness Protocol

What is "Zestful Wellness Protocol"?

Zestful Wellness is achieved by understanding the chemistry of life.

Dr. McDaniel's approach to correcting illness starts at the cellular level by achieving balance between Cationic +(positive charged) and Anionic -(negative charged) particles.

​With sufficient quantities of distilled water or reverse osmosis water, together with the information obtained in this program about diet and our body's function at the chemical level, anyone can achieve Zestful Wellness.

This relatively simple program of DILUTION through generous daily consumption of distilled or reverse osmosis water, anionic Zeta Aid Crystals and attention to diet, you can restore health and prevent future disease.

Zeta Potential Wellness

Zeta Potential Wellness

with Dr. T.C. McDaniel

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