About Dr. T.C. McDaniel

​Thomas C. McDaniel A.B.A., M.A., D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy) had a long distinguished career as a physician, author, and educator.

Dr. T.C. McDaniel's Career Milestones
  • Voted Outstanding Graduate of the Century by Eastern Kentucky University, 1972.
  • Past President, The Kentucky Osteopathic Medical Association.
  • Past member Kentucky State Board of Medical Licensure, appointed by four different Governors.
  • Past President, Cincinnati Academy of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Past president, American Society of Bariatric Physicians.
  • Private practice: Cardiovascular‚ Renal Diseases, Rehabilitative Medicine, Cincinnati, OH 1961-2008.
Primary Areas of Treatment

  • Blood clots
  • High blood pressure
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Arrhythmia

  • Kidney stones
  • Peripheral vascular diseases
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Crohn's Disease

The Science of Personal Longevity

"Physician, Heal Thyself."

- Dr. T.C. McDaniel

This is an excerpt from Dr. T.C. McDaniel's book, Disease Reprieve, originally published in 1997. Few books written by ​physicians acknowledge that many of the 'healers' need 'healing'. It is indeed a sobering thought that with proper intake of Reverse Osmosis or distilled water containing appropriate electrolytes, irregular heartbeats (including Paroxysmal Tachycardia), can be reversed, without electric cardioversion. 

"I was excited to join my friends driving to Pittsburgh for a medical conference. We traveled in a Lincoln that was both comfortable and spacious. My friend's wife would occasionally remind us that we had to take a break. We had good water with us and did our best to eat and drink wisely as travel would support. For 8 hours, the back seat of that Lincoln was my home.

Two days after we returned home, I suddenly experienced symptoms that could only mean the approach of Deep Venous Thrombosis (superficial venous phlebitis). Like flashes of lightning and sufficiently painful to interrupt a thought of action, sharp pains kept returning at intervals of 2 - 3 minutes.

I had a serious problem.

Our patients know most problems can be traced to the inhibition of antegrade flow of blood. It is most often venous rather than arterial. We note that Venous Stasis is prominent in many diagnoses referencing Deep Venous Thrombosis or Peripheral Phlebitis. Our patients know how to produce Antegrade flow by dispersion of the formed elements (red and white cells and platelets).

I started an I.V. of anionic surfactants. The fluids were normal saline and the surfactants were those essential to reverse the clumping of cells interfering with the antegrade flow, and to disperse the formed elements to dissolve the clots and increase the slowed circulation.

From past experiences, we have observed that the essential electrolytes are anionic: the Chlorides, Citrates, Carbonates and Sulfates. Usually by the end of the I.V. (about 30 minutes) we notice a marked improvement. In my case, I did not have much relief. The pain and involuntary muscle spasms persisted. I raised the ratio of anionic surfactants and got some relief in 10 minutes. I had a belated understanding about why I had to add anionic surfactants to my I.V.


As a 180 pound male, I should have about 8 liters of blood. I also know that the number one problem in venous stasis relates to inadequate liquid intake. I know that we are usually two liters low in blood volume before we become thirsty enough to search for a drink. I was in hypovolemia. I drank 3 liters of water within 6 hours. 'Good' water to OUR patients is distilled or Reverse Osmosis water.

We teach that the common problem in Cardiovascular — Renal Disease is the pollution that comes with high amounts of cationic electrolytes.

The primary cationic electrolytes Aluminum, trivalent in power, a critical element in the precipitation of water to make it potable, unaware that we are still polluting ourselves.

We cannot see the sediment in the bottom of the larger containers at the city water works. These chemicals are used to produce precipitation. The supernatant can then be siphoned off, pushed through our pipes and into our homes.

The single greatest medical device of the 20th century (in MY opinion!) is the Reverse Osmosis water unit. The RO module will remove these toxic substances in part responsible for Intravascular Coagulation, Deep Venous Thrombosis, Kidney Stones and Pulmonary Emboli, all components of The Wheel of MisFortune.

I made three major errors: I sat too long, drank too little and did not move around enough to produce antegrade flow by contraction of muscles (either walking or standing). The one lesson to be learned is that if we are going to stay healthy, we have to maintain constant vigilance about what we eat and drink."

It is indeed a sobering thought that with proper intake of Reverse Osmosis or distilled water containing appropriate electrolytes, irregular heartbeats can be reversed - without electric cardioversion.

Dr. TC McDaniel wrote the book, Disease Reprieve — Living Into the Golden Years that illustrates the knowledge he uncovered and how he has put it into practice. He shows people how to eliminate many health problems in their life. This is knowledge which is not taught in medical schools and is unlikely to be taught there anytime soon. This is why Dr. McDaniel dedicated his life and resources to instruct physicians and inform the public in order to put us On the Path to Zestful Wellness. Dr. McDaniel is noted as the father of Zeta Protocol to Zestful Wellness.

This critically acclaimed bestseller revolutionized and changed the perspective for millions of individuals regarding personal health, defining Zeta Potential and Zestful Wellness. "Disease Reprieve" is Dr. TC McDaniel's personal testimony to his scientific quest to find the source and cure of his own, as well as countless patients' serious illnesses.

Company History

Dr. T. C. McDaniel was a mere 56 years old when he was having severe cardiovascular problems. His heart was constantly skipping beats. He went to the best heart experts in the field, and they could not help him. He searched for answers and discovered the concept of zeta potential. It was a revelation. Blood, which is a suspension, begins to sludge "clot" unwantingly as Zeta Potential falls. Zeta Potential is the measured ratio of an-ions to non-ions and cations in the body's circulatory terrain. Armed with this information, he compounded and took his own "anionic surfactant solution". He drank more pure water, eliminated the bad cations from his diet, and his PVCs disappeared. 

Dr. McDaniel practiced medicine in Cincinnati, OH for more than 55 years. He taught many medical practitioners and patients the principles of Zestful Wellness. Later he retired in Tucson, Arizona and lived in wellness until 102 years of age. Under the direction of his daughter, Marybeth McDaniel Zellon of Zestful Wellness LLC, Zeta Aid products and Dr. TC McDaniel's proprietary formula have been meticulously produced, marketed and expanded to sustain future generations.

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