Dr. T.C. McDaniel's Original & Authorized Zeta Aid Crystals. Each package weights approximately 2.6 oz. Approximately 21 day supply per adult. The full crystal package is to be mixed in a 32 oz bottle with distilled or reverse osmosis water and ideally stored in the refrigerator (keep out of extreme temps). This is a proprietary blend of food grade Potassium compounds. Approximately, 1065mg of potassium per 1 Tablespoon of concentrate. This is the original formula produced by Dr. T.C. McDaniel in the 1970's.

Mix crystal package with one quart of distilled/reverse osmosis water in a Zeta Aid Quart Bottle. Consume 1 tbsp. at a time mixed into a 16 oz. glass of distilled/reverse osmosis water. Each tbsp. contains approx. 1,065 mg of potassium. Best if consumed on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to eating.


Product Specifications
Product weight 3 oz. per package
Approximate one month supply per adult
Instructions are on the package

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Good for travel - Same great Zeta Aid product in higher concentration. Add drops in a glass of "good" water. "Good" water is distilled or reverse osmosis (R/O) water only. The 1oz. Zeta Aid Tincture is perfect for traveling. You can take Zeta Aid Tincture in your carry on when flying. Perfect for Airport Security standards!

Yields approximately 15-20 doses.


Our Celtic Light Grey Salt is unrefined and contains 78 trace Essential minerals. Our Celtic Light Grey Salt provides a natural balance of minerals and trace elements beyond normal table salts that are typically bleached and diluted with chemical anti-caking agents.

(Same great product- slightly different name change- Celtic Light Grey Salt -Course Grain )

Our Celtic Light Grey Salt's color comes from natural, grey clay lining within the salt ponds of France, unrefined, coarse, whole crystals.

Our Celtic Light Grey Salt has great flavor, supports healthy eating and is unrefined with no additives.

This is a delicious salt that can be used in cooking, recipes or right on the kitchen table.

We recommend using this quart bottle to make the Zeta Aid Concentrate. Mix one full package of Zeta Aid Crystals into the Quart bottle. This pre-printed Quart bottle is for mixing the Zeta Aid crystals with "good" water, distilled or reverse osmosis (R/O) water, thus creating the Zeta Aid "Concentrate". Consume the Concentrate 1 Tablespoon at a time in a glass of "good" water. Using the Quart bottle helps to distinguish Zeta from other clear liquids in the refrigerator. Quart bottle is dishwasher safe, pours easily and contains no BPA's.

Interested in trying Zeta Aid? The Zeta Aid Starter Package contains what you will need to begin the "Zestful Wellness Protocol" laid out by Dr. TC McDaniel. The started package includes one package of Zeta Aid crystals, that is enough for 21-25 days for one adult. Mix the crystals in the pre-labeled Quart bottle. Use the Ph strips to test your urine in the morning. Ideal Ph human urine is 6.0 to 7.5. Read Dr. McDaniel’s 1999 published book "Disease Reprieve: Living Into The Golden Years". In this book Dr. McDaniel explains the history and science of Zeta Potential. For a better explanation of this principle in laymen's terms read Michael Hendrickson's article, "Zeta Potential".

The starter package includes:
  1. Zeta Aid Crystal Package
  2. Zeta Aid Bottle
  3. Dr. McDaniel's book "Disease Reprieve"
  4. PH Litmus Strips
  5. Michael Hendrickson's "Zeta Potential" article

Bath & Body Care

Zeta Aid Bath Salts are a combination of essential minerals that can assist in improving skin tone, preventing infection, reducing inflammation, speed wound healing and flushing toxins from the skin. One package per bath. 

Soak in Zeta Bath Salts to heal skin challenges!

Contains: magnesium sulfate, potassium carbonate & sodium chloride. 

Zeta Aid Medicated Salve is applied topically to heal the skin. It is infused with Zeta Aid crystals and eucalyptus oil. Used for Athlete's foot, hemorrhoids. pruritus, skin abrasions, insect bites, jock itch, and Intertrigo (irritation between the skin folds and rashes). Pronounced /Sav/, silent "L". Salve is defined as an ointment used to promote healing of the skin or as skin protection.
Medicated Lip Balm Jar is the formula you find in the Medicated Lip Balm Tube. Same product, different application (in a jar). Medicated Lip Balm Jar infused with Zeta Aid crystals, bee's wax, organic almond oil, essential organic cinnamon and organic orange oils, with a touch of sweet natural Stevia. Great for moisturizing the lips, soothing cracked lips, blisters, cold sores and Herpes Simplex Labialis.
Medicated Lip Balm Tube is infused with Zeta Aid crystals, bee's wax, organic almond oil, essential organic cinnamon and organic orange oils, with a touch of sweet natural Stevia. Great for moisturizing the lips, soothing cracked lips, blisters, cold sores and Herpes Simplex Labialis.

PH Strips & Meters

To access your pH and personal health. These litmus strips are on a scale of 0-14. Zero (0) means extreme acidity, fourteen (14) being extreme alkalinity. The ideal human pH is 7.2 to 7.4. Test your urine to see if it is alkaline or acidic. As you eat a healthier diet and take Zeta Aid regularly, the pH of your urine will improve.

One of the first principles taught by Dr McDaniel is consuming "good" water, meaning distilled or reverse osmosis (R/O) water (mineral free water). "The biggest pollution is in what you drink" says Dr McDaniel. The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter will measure the "solids" in the water you consume.

Test your city tap water, bottled water or any commercial water you consume. The water should be under 10 on the TDS meter, meaning under 10 parts per million. The closer to zero on the TDS meter the better, meaning less dissolved solids. Total dissolved solids is a measure of the dissolved combined content of all inorganic and organic substances present in liquid in molecular, ionized or micro-granular suspended form.

Some of the unacceptable solids are aluminum, lead, mercury, copper, tin, zinc, cadmium (well, you get the idea!) You don't want any of these in your drinking water. Make sure the water you drink, make coffee, teas, rice, soups, pastas and any other water added to cooking, is under 10 TDS.

EC Electrolytic Conductivity Tester - Test your conductivity with this EC meter. According to Dr. T.C. McDaniel the average Specific Conductivity (SC) of human urine is 12,000 micromhos. Best and healthy if under 12,000 micromhos. By taking Zeta Aid it could assist in getting your urine below 12,000. Objective testing of this kind can potentially help people to realize when they are eating or drinking items that change their SC number leading to hyper-coagulation of the blood, decrease in oxygen and nutrient delivery, kidney stress and an interruption in detoxification.

Books & Training Materials

This critically acclaimed bestseller revolutionized and changed the perspective for millions of individuals regarding personal health, defining Zeta Potential and Zestful Wellness. "Disease Reprieve" is Dr. TC McDaniel's personal testimony to his scientific quest to find the source and cure of his own, as well as countless patients' serious illnesses.

This is Dr. T.C. McDaniel's Teaching Manual that physicians would receive when they attended his weekend seminars to learn about Zeta Potential. Expanding beyond his soft cover published book "Disease Reprieve" this manual contains additional graphs and diagrams used to further explain the principles taught by Dr. T.C. McDaniel for over 30 yrs. 

Dr. McDaniel taught a Tuesday night lecture series for many, many years at his Cincinnati office location. Patients could attend to get an IV, pick up Zeta Aid Crystals and hear Dr McDaniel lecture about the Zestful Wellness protocol. These 15-20 patients met in his large conference room. This booklet is a walk down memory lane, just like being there for the weekly Tuesday night lecture! The author of this booklet was a dedicated and beloved patient who attended this Tuesday lecture night many times. She describes the Zeta Potential practice points of Zestful Wellness, including seven delicious recipes!
Dr. T.C. McDaniel practiced medicine from 1962-2008 in the same location in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was during this time in 1987 he wrote the book "Anionic Surfactant Therapy" - A Century of Research and Knowledge from Schulze & Hardy -- 1883 to NASA Space Age Medicine -- 1983. He wrote this book prior to writing his acclaimed book "Disease Reprieve". Read this manuscript to get a better understanding of the chemistry and principles of his product, Zeta Aid & his Zestful Wellness protocol.

Zestful Wellness LLC: This website was created to share information based on the principles taught by Dr. T.C. McDaniel in his practice for more than 55 years. Please consult with your medical professional before beginning any new nutritional program.