How to Use Zeta Potential as an Aid in The Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Hypertension Patients

October 19, 2021

How to Use Zeta Potential as an Aid in The Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Hypertension Patients

Zeta Aid is named after the science of Zeta Potential. Dr. T.C. McDaniel developed Zeta Aid and his approach to Zestful Wellness as he resolved his own symptoms of Deep Venous Thrombosis (blood clot). He described his symptoms in an excerpt from his book Disease Reprieve as “flashes of lightning and sufficiently painful to interrupt a thought of action, sharp pains kept returning at intervals of 2 - 3 minutes.”

Recently in 2020, a new scientific study was published that verified Dr. McDaniel’s approach and findings. In the study, they found that “zeta potential can act as an invaluable aid in the diagnosis of hypertension and risk of Cardiovascular Disease.” In the open-access peer-reviewed chapter Zeta Potential as a Diagnostic Tool to Determine the Angina Risk concluded that Zeta Potential is a characteristic property and responsible for free-flowing red blood cells in the bloodstream. And due to oxidation, the membrane becomes fragile in patients with hypertension and cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction) compared to healthy volunteers. 

Dr. TC McDaniel used the principles of zeta potential to resolve his own heart disease. Blood clots in some cases can be deadly. In his research, he applied zeta potential to his own condition with Zeta Aid crystals. As a result, he discovered how to reduce the risk of disease within himself and his patients successfully. 

Dr. McDaniel specialized in treatments for blood clots, high blood pressure, circulatory disorders, arrhythmia, kidney stones, peripheral vascular diseases, chronic fatigue, and Crohn's Disease. He provided seminars for patients and training materials where he explained and emphasized the importance of zeta potential and how it can effectively ease disease.

Zeta Potential, its Strength And How it Works

Zeta Potential is a measurement used by the chemical and food industries to control and monitor chemical reactions. At age 56, Dr. T. C. McDaniel applied the concepts of zeta potential to treat his own cardiovascular disease. As a result, oxygen and nutrients were able to flow freely in the blood, while accumulated deposits of waste were removed. 

Zeta Potential -- It’s Electric!

The zeta potential measurement is expressed as voltage. In blood plasma, it accounts for the electrical force between cells. Optimally our cells do not want to collide with one another, which is why increasing the electrical force is important. It allows the blood to become more fluid, which provides a faster flow to carry more vital nutrients to every part of the body. 

To better understand this concept Micheal Hendrickson, a patient, and student of Dr. McDaniel, wrote a paper on Zeta Potential and how it works. His paper is easy to read and breaks down these complex science concepts into layman's terms. It’s enjoyable to read the way he describes how understanding zeta potential can seem like a concept in outer space, but it’s actually “your inner space” within the bloodstream. 

“Your blood is a solution comprised mainly of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Ideally, you want your red blood cells repelling each other and not sticking to each other. If I were a red blood cell I would want others to give me distance and not infringe on my personal space so I could get my work done. In this example, your bloodstream would be experiencing high Zeta Potential, which is ideal.”


In his paper, he describes meeting Dr. McDaniel just before he closed his practice in the 1990s. When he met Dr. McDaniel asked him a profound question “Would you like to live with “Ease” or would you like to live with “Dis-Ease?”

How Did Dr. T.C. McDaniel Find Out About Zeta Potential?

Dr. McDaniel learned of Zeta Potential from the scientific papers and studies of an Engineer and Industrial Chemist named Thomas M. Riddick. He found that the rules of zeta potential applied to the blood coagulation in the body. Since lowering the zeta potential can aggregate the blood; he found raising it can reverse the effects of serious cardiovascular disease. 

Micheal Hendrickson also noted in his paper that “Diseases and cancers do not like oxygen-rich alkaline environments. ...if we can increase the Zeta Potential of our blood to optimize oxygen delivery we in turn lessen the threat of Dis-ease. Thomas Riddick showed us how Zeta Potential is a basic law of nature and that without it life would cease to exist. Negatively charged particles entering the bloodstream enhance dispersion or discreetness by enhancing the electrical charge throughout the blood raising Zeta Potential.”

Is Zeta Potential a Cure Hypertension and Blood Clots?

When Zeta potential is too low, blood flows like a sludge that makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood throughout the body. When blood flows easily, oxygen can get to the tissues faster. The solution therein, to prevent disease (Dis-EASE) we must make our blood flow with EASE.


 Now that we know how the concept of zeta potential works in the blood, let’s apply it to our daily lives. Hendrickson goes into great detail about Zeta Potential and the benefits you can achieve. 

Achieve High Zeta Potential With Zestful Wellness

Dr. T.C. McDaniel created the Zestful Wellness Protocol so that his patients can apply the principles of zeta potential and create “EASE”, not “Dis-EASE”. His entire program was designed to help patients learn how to improve their health, heal themselves, and increase their zeta potential. McDaniel provides the basic rules of its application in the “Zeta Dietary Laws” which is available to download for free.

The Zeta Aid formula by itself will not rid your body of toxins and disease. Dr. T.C. McDaniel made it super clear. You must make the sole commitment to alter any self-destructive behavior and change your lifestyle if need be. 

In this handy guide, there are 13 rules to follow on what food and drinks to consume and which items to avoid, limit, or eliminate completely. In a way, these laws can be viewed as a diet, but for many, it's a major lifestyle change. 

In brief, the Zeta Dietary Laws ask patients to drink more water. According to Dr. McDaniel’s teachings, it’s important to drink only distilled or reverse osmosis water. Eat more fresh, organic foods high in vegetables, fruits, fish, grains, and legumes. It also encourages the use of stainless steel or glass for cooking your food. Download Zeta Dietary Laws for free to learn more about how to obtain Zestful Wellness.

This can be a difficult change for many people, which is why Dr. McDaniel encourages us to stay the course. It’s important to live life to the fullest. And why not live life to the fullest with high zeta potential.

Are you interested in reading more? Dr. T.C. McDaniel has published a book, workbook, training materials along with other resources for those interested in taking a deep dive into the story behind Zestful Wellness and Zeta Potential. 

If you’re a doctor, researcher, or medical professional interested in learning more about providing Zeta Aid to patients and wholesale pricing, please contact us at

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