Access Your pH And Personal Health

November 05, 2021

Access Your pH And Personal Health

PH strips and urine pH tests are used as a monitoring tool in the healthcare industry at large. It's commonly recommended by doctors to make a diagnosis, monitor patients who have medical conditions or evaluate the side effects of prescribed medications. For these and other health considerations, you may want to consider monitoring your urine’s pH levels on a daily basis.

PH Strips can be a helpful monitoring tool that provides insight into your body’s health and how it responds to what you consume in foods, drinks, and medicines. In certain cases, a urine test strip can show whether you have a urinary tract infection or diabetes. Taking a rapid urine test will identify the pH of your urine on a chemically-treated piece of paper called a litmus strip. In order to test the urine’s pH, the strip is dipped into a urine sample and the result is compared to a color-coded chart on the pH strip's packaging. 

The McDaniel Research Group found as you eat a healthier diet and take Zeta Aid regularly, the pH of your urine will improve. In the video, Marybeth Zellon McDaniel, the daughter of Dr. T.C. McDaniel demonstrates how to use a pH strip to test urine and three water samples.

First, she dips the pH strip into urine tests as alkaline. Second, she tests the lemon water solution which tests as acidic. Next, she shows the results for a solution of baking soda water and then the Zeta Aid Crystals in reverse osmosis water. The urine, baking soda water, and Zeta Aid water samples tested alkaline on the pH strip. 

Why Should I Monitor my pH?

It's common for a urine pH test to be carried out at a hospital, medical facility, or at home. Most likely you've taken a urine pH test at the doctor’s office or part of your routine physical. In some cases, a urine test is prescribed as part of another series of tests that assists doctors in the proper diagnosis of a disease or infection. 

A doctor will request a urine pH for a few reasons:

  • Kidneys stones
  • Metabolic conditions
  • Taking certain medicines

Monitoring pH is not only helpful for those with health conditions, it can be used as an educational tool for most people. A good reason to find out the level of your pH is to learn how your body reacts to certain foods, drinks, medications, and anything you consume. In any case, you can find out the pH of your urine with pH strips and conduct a urine pH test at home.



How to do a Urine pH Test

A urine pH test is also referred to as a dipstick test where you place a litmus paper into a urine sample. The test paper will show results as referenced on a color-based scale on the packaging. 

It is advised in order to take the best sample, it's important to place the pH strip into your urine midstream. You can also use a cup to collect a portion of the urine and insert the test strip into the urine cup.

Next, use the pH strip packaging color-based chart and match the strip to the closest color. Find the color on the color-coded chart to identify your urine as alkaline or acidic. 

What Does my pH Urine Test Results Mean?

The normal range for urine according to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry is between 4.5 and 8. Any higher than 7 is alkaline and under 7 is considered acidic. If your urine pH is under 6 or over 8, it could be the result of a variety of lifestyle choices or medical factors. 

Abnormal urine pH is often linked to diet and is known to be affected by certain foods, such as citrus and dairy. Even antacids can cause an abnormal urine pH. So it’s important to not freak out at the first sign of abnormal urine pH. Yet it’s important to be aware of and bring up with your doctor at your next physical exam. If your pH tests are consistently outside of the normal range; 9 and higher (alkaline) or 4.5 and lower (acidic), it can be a sign of a more serious health condition. In this case, we advise that you discuss the pH test results with your doctor immediately.

Test Your Urine Particularly First Thing in The Morning

You can monitor the effects of what you consume by doing a PH urine test. Doing a test first thing in the morning can help you figure out where you’re at. Depending on our PH, we can make changes to our intake, diet, and overall lifestyle for the better. 

Record Your Eating Habits And pH Test Results

We recommend keeping a food journal or using a body monitoring app to help track the changes in your diet. This can help you identify contributing factors to an acidic or alkaline test. 

Test Your pH Throughout The Day

Find out what happens after you eat a salad with spinach and almonds vs a meal of hamburgers, beer, and french fries? Do a pH test and find out how your digestive system reacts to a variety of things that you ingest. If you document your findings, it can help you figure out the best lifestyle and possibly a solution to your body’s personal chemistry.

The McDaniel Research Group recommends pH test strips as a monitoring tool to track how your body responds to Zeta Aid Crystals and everything else they consume. Use our pH urine test strips to help verify that Zeta Aid is working and to maintain a more alkaline approach in what you consume. 

Will Using Zeta Aid Crystals Balance my pH? 

Zeta Aid alone will not achieve a normal pH balance. If you want to address your pH imbalance or rid yourself of disease, you must consider a more holistic approach. In order for our blood cells to function properly and flow freely throughout our body, we need the proper types and amounts of food, water, and air. So it requires more than a healthy diet in order to achieve a balanced pH. We also require a proper ratio of electrolytes to help maintain a balanced pH. That’s where Zeta Aid Crystals come in, which helps restore electrolytes in the blood. 

How Can I Get my pH Balance Back to Normal?

Dr. McDaniel recommends avoiding “unthinkable drinkables” and “regrettable edibles” as part of his Zestful Wellness Protocol and in the Zeta Dietary Laws. We provide these resources for free, available to download from our shop. According to the science of Zestful Wellness, when you drink plenty of “good” water, Zeta Aid helps us to balance normal cellular function and optimal pH. Click here to learn more about Zeta Aid’s frequently asked questions.

Three Steps to Maintain a Balanced pH

Zestful Wellness is Dr. TC McDaniel’s approach to preventing and correcting illnesses. Information obtained in the Zestful Wellness Protocol supports the body’s circulatory system at a chemical level. The good news is that anyone can achieve it and start applying these principles today. 

Balance your pH by following three steps as outlined in the Zestful Wellness Protocol: 

  1. First and foremost, consume plenty of distilled or reverse osmosis water. 
  2. Avoid unthinkable drinkables that include soft drinks, even “diet” sodas. 
  3. Avoid regrettable edibles such as processed foods with unnatural preservatives, pesticides, and additives. This can include canned and packaged foods, deli meats, sausages, bacon, and ham. Instead eat a diet high in fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, fish, grains, and legumes.

For a quick reference, download a free copy of the Zeta Dietary Laws. These laws are an abbreviated version of the Zestful Wellness Protocol that provides a quick and simple way to apply the science of zeta potential to your diet today. Dr. TC McDaniel found that following the Zeta Dietary Laws and science of zeta potential helped improve his own health, as well as his patient’s health throughout his career. Click here to learn more about Zeta Aid and the science of Zestful Wellness.

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