"LET'S TALK WATER" Intro Package

"LET'S TALK WATER"                        
  1. Zeta Aid Crystal Package
  2. TDS Meter
  3. Quart Bottle
  4. Brochure
What drinking water do you consume at home?
R/O Reverse Osmosis
What do you make your coffee, tea, rice, soups, pasta or ice cubes with?
The first thing Dr. McDaniel, who lived to be 102 years old, would teach his patients is to only consume "good" water. "The biggest pollution is in what you drink" says Dr. McDaniel.  Pure H2O. No added minerals or electrolytes (you get those from your foods, if you are eating properly). Consume pure H2O-2 hydrogen molecules and 1 Oxygen molecule. The way God & nature intended !

Consume pure H2O-2 Hydrogen molecules and 1 Oxygen molecule. The way God & nature intended ! In our current modern society the best way to get "good" water (with no TDS=total dissolved solids) is drinking Distilled water (steam captured from boiled water) or R/O Reverse Osmosis water ( a 4 part filtered system, installed under your kitchen sink).
Example of Reverse Osmosis System:

The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter will measure the "solids" in the water you consume.
EPA Environmental Protection Agency states that the TDS (total dissolved solids) concentration in Potable drinking water not exceed 500 milligrams per liter (mg/l). Yuck! That means you could have 500 unknown parts in your water such as:
List of chemicals that can be in your water:

Use our TDS meter to test your drinking water. Know your water!  It is your health and your life depends on it!


  • Zeta Aid Crystal Package

Dr. T.C. McDaniel's Original & Authorized Zeta Aid Crystals. Each package weights approximately 2.6 oz. This is a proprietary blend of food grade Potassium compounds. Approximately, 1065mg of potassium per 1 Tablespoon of concentrate. This is the original formula produced by Dr. T.C. McDaniel in the 1970's.

  • TDS Meter

One of the first principles taught by Dr McDaniel is consuming "good" water, meaning distilled or reverse osmosis (R/O) water (mineral free water). "The biggest pollution is in what you drink" says Dr McDaniel. The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter will measure the "solids" in the water you consume.

  • Quart Bottle

We recommend using this quart bottle to make the Zeta Aid Concentrate. Mix one full package of Zeta Aid Crystals into the Quart bottle. This pre-printed Quart bottle is for mixing the Zeta Aid crystals with "good" water, distilled or reverse osmosis (R/O) water, thus creating the Zeta Aid "Concentrate". Consume the Concentrate 1 Tablespoon at a time in a glass of "good" water. Using the Quart bottle helps to distinguish Zeta from other clear liquids in the refrigerator. Quart bottle is dishwasher safe, pours easily and contains no BPA's.

  • Brochure

This complimentary brochure is available as a digital download in .pdf format. The information within this brochure is based on the principles taught by Dr. TC McDaniel in his practice for over 55 years. Please consult with your medical professional before beginning any new nutritional program.

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