Interested in trying Zeta Aid? The Zeta Aid Starter Package contains what you will need to begin the "Zestful Wellness Protocol" laid out by Dr. TC McDaniel. The started package includes one package of Zeta Aid crystals, that is enough for 21-25 days for one adult. Mix the crystals in the pre-labeled Quart bottle. Use the Ph strips to test your urine in the morning. Ideal Ph human urine is 6.0 to 7.5. Read Dr. McDaniel’s 1999 published book "Disease Reprieve: Living Into The Golden Years". In this book Dr. McDaniel explains the history and science of Zeta Potential. For a better explanation of this principle in laymen's terms read Michael Hendrickson's article, "Zeta Potential".

The starter package includes:
  1. Zeta Aid Crystal Package
  2. Zeta Aid Bottle
  3. Dr. McDaniel's book "Disease Reprieve"
  4. PH Litmus Strips
  5. Michael Hendrickson's "Zeta Potential" article

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