Zeta Aid: The Science of Zestful Wellness

May 15, 2021

Zeta Aid: The Science of Zestful Wellness

Life is inextricably linked with electricity; Mary Shelly didn’t make that up! And while we can’t actually use it to raise the dead, we can revive zestful wellness for the living. Zeta Aid is a health and wellness protocol that helps restore balance to your body systems by facilitating the electrical signals they rely on to function. 

Without the proper electrical balance between cells, intracellular communication is disrupted, colloidal systems are destabilized, and nutrients can’t be transported efficiently through the bloodstream to various body systems. Zeta Aid optimizes the body’s natural electrical system. It eliminates disruptions and promotes the signals we need to get proper nutrition to think, move, and feel well---to be zestful!

Stress, dehydration, poor nutrition, processed foods, and other features of modern life all deprive our bodies of the elements they need. This disrupts the body’s crucial electrical balance. Zeta Aid gives you the tools to restore your body’s balance using the most natural products possible: water and minerals.

Watch this video unboxing the Zeta Aid Starter Package on sale till the end of May 2021. 

Electricity, Health, and the Human Body

Sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are all essential elements in our bodies. Each element has a specific electrical charge which may be positive or negative. A charged element is called an ion. 

The cells in our bodies can use these ions to generate electricity---almost every cell in the body has an electrical potential. The flow of charges from outside of a cell to inside it is what generates electrical currents. 

Systems throughout our bodies all rely on this electrical charge to function. The circulatory system, digestive system, immune system, respiratory system, etc., all need electrical currents to work well.

But electrical currents are only possible when there is a slight electrical imbalance. In other words, an uneven number of negative and positive ions exist within the cell compared to outside of it. If there were equal numbers of positive and negative ions on either side, there would be no electrical flow. The natural imbalance between the positive and negative ions inside and outside of the cell allows charged ions to flow in and out of the cell through its wall, the cell membrane. The flow creates a current that can cause an electrical pulse between cells. These are “action potentials.”


Action Potentials: the Root of all Physiological Function

Cell membranes usually don't let anything in or out, but they do have channels that ions can pass through when open. This allows positive charges to enter the cell. As positive ions enter, the inside of the cell becomes more positively charged. That triggers more electrical currents that can turn into electrical pulses, or “action potentials.” Action potentials create a cascade effect, triggering downstream physiological effects like secretion or muscle contraction.

Put simply, the electrical charge of cells creates patterns of action potentials (electrical pulses) that initiate movements, thoughts, and behaviors: in short, life.

The Problem with Imbalance: Disrupted Electrical Function

Disruption of the electrical currents in the body can lead to real problems and disease (or ‘dis-ease’). Sometimes this is straightforward and can be detected by conventional medical techniques. For example, for the heart to pump, cells need to generate electrical currents that allow the heart muscle to contract at the right time. Doctors can use an ECG to detect whether these electrical pulses in the heart are healthy. Irregular electrical currents can lead to arrhythmias and even heart attacks.

Other times the cause of your dis-ease may be less obvious. You may be suffering symptoms that doctors have a difficult time diagnosing or finding a remedy. Most health issues are often difficult to remedy because they involve entire body systems (like your circulatory system or digestive system). The symptoms may appear far removed from the system causing them, making them even more challenging to diagnose. 

Today, most wellness issues result from excess toxins or inadequate nutrition. But not for the reason you’d think. It doesn’t matter what you eat if your vascular system can’t deliver nutrients and your body’s natural filtration systems can’t remove waste. This is the problem of low Zeta Potential. It disrupts colloidal systems (more on this below) and undermines their ability to flow. 

Zeta Potential: the Key to Zestful Wellness

“Zeta potential...is the ability to disperse and make blood flow easily, to carry the nutrients of the human bloodstream to the different organs [so they can] perform and do the things we call ‘life.’”
-Dr. McDaniel

Colloidal Systems

To understand Zeta potential, We need to talk about colloidal systems. 

A colloid is a mixture in which particles are suspended in a fluid. In a stable colloidal system, the particles are evenly distributed; they don’t settle and they don’t mix. Colloidal systems are found throughout the body. Blood, cells, bodily fluids, and intracellular fluids are all colloidal systems. 

These colloidal systems are made up of cells. The stability of the systems depends on proper cellular function and cellular communication. In other words, they depend on proper electrical balance. That’s where Zeta potential comes in.

What is Zeta Potential?

Zeta Potential is another word for the electrokinetic potential of a cell. In other words, the capacity of a cell to produce an electrical pulse. Zeta potential is vital for the stability of colloidal systems.

A cell’s Zeta potential is related to its surface charge. It’s the potential difference in charge between the cell's outer layer and the fluid it's in, the "dispersion medium."  When a cell easily allows positive ions to flow inside from the dispersion medium, it creates a current that can lead to an electrical pulse or action potential. In such a case, the cell has high Zeta potential.

In other words, high Zeta potential facilitates proper cellular communication.

High Zeta potential is critical for the stability of colloidal systems. We want to maintain high Zeta potential! The problem is, we often have low Zeta potential.

Remember that blood is a colloid. It’s made up of red and white blood cells dispersed in plasma. Blood is also how your organs get the nutrients they need! Low Zeta potential in your blood prevents it from flowing freely and efficiently, delivering nutrients throughout your body. This creates irregularities in all kinds of body systems, from your digestion to your immune system, endocrine system, kidneys, anywhere that blood goes! 

Zeta Potential determines the amount of material (nutrients, wastes) that fluids like blood and the lymphatic systems can carry. Increasing the electrical force in the solution allows the fluid to dissolve and hold more material. This allows more nutrients to be carried throughout your body while accumulated deposits of waste are removed.

Use Zeta Aid to Increase Zeta Potential and Boost Wellness

Zeta Aid is designed specifically to generate high Zeta potential, which most of us lack, especially as our bodies age. It provides the ideal combination of elements and minerals to rebalance the electrical charge in your cells and restore the stability of your body’s colloidal systems. Especially the vascular system.

Zeta Aid uses reverse osmosis to ‘charge’ distilled water. Dr. McDaniel, the creator of Zeta Aid, called the reverse osmosis water unit “the single greatest medical device of the 20th century,” saying,

“It will remove...toxic substances in part responsible for Intravascular Coagulation, Deep Venous Thrombosis, Kidney Stones and Pulmonary Emboli, all components of The Wheel of MisFortune.”

Charging distilled water with electrolytic minerals, or Zeta Crystals, re-energizes our cells. It also lowers the water’s surface tension (higher Zeta potential), making it ‘wetter’ and better absorbed, promoting greater nutrient bioavailability. 

The Zeta Aid starter package is a perfect way to begin learning more about Zeta potential and start creating zestful wellness in your life. The Starter Package will on sale for 20% off the regular price until May 31, 2021.

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