How to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

July 02, 2021

How to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Getting sick on vacation—it’s happened to all of us. You create a wonderful travel plan, set out on your trip… and promptly come down with a summer cold or holiday flu. The good news? You can take steps to avoid getting sick on vacation this year, even if you are planning extended travel.

Top 2 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

If you follow the Zestful Wellness Protocol while traveling, it will be just as effective as when you use it at home. The Wellness Protocol calls for a two-pronged approach: drinking good water (either reverse osmosis “R/O” water, or distilled water) and eating good food. However, this can become more complicated when traveling.

1. Staying Hydrated While Traveling

Recommended: Do not drink soft drinks, diet drinks, or spring water. Limit, avoid or eliminate anything in aluminum cans. Cans may not be lined, and aluminum is trivalent and toxic!

Spring water, which is high in mineral content, can also contribute to mineral deposits accumulating in your bloodstream and kidneys. These are not great water additives for hydration. Spring water should be avoided during travel, yet it makes up the bulk of the water available in airplanes and at gas stations. As Dr. McDaniel says: “Minerals should come from your food, not your water!” 

Travel hydration is essential. It ensures healthier cells. What many individuals don’t realize is that you should not hydrate with just any water. Distilled water with Zeta Aid makes water more effective in hydrating and can combat the drying effects of airplanes and hours in the car.

2. Eating Well While Traveling

Recommended: Avoid fast foods and processed foods.

On the road, it can be difficult to avoid eating at burger restaurants and other fast food stops, but it is essential to do so. Eating foods filled with additives and preservatives can lower the Zeta potential and Electrophoresis in the body’s cells. 

Eating right while traveling might mean that you need to pack food for the road ahead of time. On longer trips, we recommend stopping at grocery stores rather than drive-thrus. The Zestful Wellness Protocol calls for eating garden vegetables, fruits, fish, grains, and legumes, so try to stick to these foods as much as possible.

Three Simple Steps to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

In this section, we explain specific steps for staying hydrated using the Zestful Wellness approach.

Step 1: Consume Only “Good” Water

It is essential to consume only distilled or otherwise purified water. Carbon filtration (reverse osmosis), micro-porous filtration, and ultraviolet oxidation are all ways of purifying water. Pure water consists of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. It contains no other particles, contaminants, or elements. This is what we mean by “good” water here at Zeta Aid. Avoid unpurified tap water.

Step 2: Consume the Right Amount of Water

Individuals can determine how much water to drink each day with this easy method:

  • Measure your weight
  • Cut this number in half
  • Drink that number of ounces of water per day

So, if your weight is 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water per day. If you weigh 180 pounds, drink 90 ounces of water per day. This will help you avoid even mild dehydration.

Step 3: Ensure You Drink Alkaline, Extra Hydrating Water

What hydrates better than water? Alkaline water! Disease occurs most often in acidic tissues. Healthy tissues resistant to common travel illnesses are slightly alkaline. Zeta Aid is a nutritional supplement that adds electrolytes and alkalizes water. It facilitates a balanced pH level in the body. 


Creating Your Own Perfect Hydration Water on Airplanes and in Hotels

Air travel can be a dehydrating experience due to the air quality on airplanes. It can also expose you to innumerable germs and contagions. The 8-ounce bottles of mineral water available on airplanes will not help you with the challenge of staying healthy during your travel. Nor will regular hotel water. We highly recommend bringing Zeta Aid tincture on your travels. 

Here’s why:

Zeta Aid tincture can make water more hydrating.

Zeta Aid tincture does the same thing as Zeta Aid crystals. Our tincture uses the same Zeta Aid crystal formula, only it is more concentrated so it may be used as drops. The tincture is easy to carry and it optimizes your water to promote Zeta potential and cellular health. A 1-ounce bottle of tincture provides 12-15 doses of Zeta Aid. 

Zeta Aid tincture is convenient and won’t be flagged by the airport security screening process.

Unfortunately, Zeta Aid crystals can look like illicit drugs and may therefore be difficult to get through airport checkpoints. However, you can easily keep the tincture with you wherever you are. It conforms to TSA travel-size liquid limits. It won’t spill and doesn’t require a spoon for measuring or mixing. Because each tincture bottle is only 1 ounce of liquid, it will not create a problem at airport security.

Zeta Aid tincture can be added to any purified water while traveling or on the go.

It can be hard to find the right water for full hydration while traveling. Keeping the tincture with you can help. Use it with the purest water you can access. Keep drinking the entire time you are away from home. Yes, you will have to go to the bathroom frequently… but that is the cost of keeping hydrated and healthy!

Claim your free Zeta Aid tincture before July 31st!

Our tincture was developed to help with travel. However, it is more expensive to create, and therefore slightly more expensive for consumers. It is not meant to replace an at-home Zeta Aid protocol, but rather to keep in your purse or suitcase during travel or daily errands, when you may not have regular Zeta water concentrate available. 

When you buy 4 packages of Zeta Aid crystals, you will receive a full-sized bottle of Zeta Aid tincture free. This way, you’ll have access to Zestful living whether you are at home or away. Enjoy your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions About Staying Hydrated While Traveling:

Q: What is the best water for hydration?

A: Spring water is not the best water for hydration. Instead, look for purified, alkaline water containing electrolytes. Better yet, make your own affordably and from anywhere with Zeta Aid tincture or crystals. 

Q: How much water should I drink to stay hydrated while traveling?

A: Drink half of your weight in ounces of water each day to stay hydrated while traveling. If you weigh 160 pounds, you should drink 80 ounces (2.5 quarts) of pure water per day.

Q: What is the travel-size liquid limit for plane travel?

A: Travel-size liquids are allowed in a carry-on bag as long as the liquid container is under 3.4 ounces (or 100 milliliters) in volume according to the TSA. Look up air travel liquid size rules for your local area if you are outside of the US or Europe.

Q: What is Zeta potential, and how is it related to drinking water?

A: Zeta potential describes the electrokinetic potential of a cell, or the extent to which a cell exhibits the strong electrical force needed to assist in separating red blood cells. More potential means that more nutrients can be carried throughout your body and more cellular deposits of waste can be removed. “Good” water, with Zeta Aid added, can increase Zeta potential in your cells.

Q: Does distilled water hydrate you?

A: Yes, it is the best water for hydration. However, your body will still need access to the essential electrolytes that keep your cells healthy and maintain balance in your body. Therefore, you should always add Zeta Aid to reverse osmosis or distilled water before drinking.

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